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Retail Projects

  • New AB DG flooringNew C DG flooringNew Cariloha & Blue Ginger StoresNew flooring in DG areaNew kisok 1, bldg I foundation, Whale museum remodel and Billabong remodelNew rails, plaza, trellis palm trees, comng soon splash padOld SignWhale skeleton

    Whalers Village Fine Shops and Restaurants Mall Remodel & Expansion

    Location: Ka’anapali Maui, HI

    Owner: General Growth Properties

    Architect: T S Architects

    Approx. SF: 106,000 sf leasable area being expanded to over 116,000 sf

    Approx. Site SF: 366,660 sf

    Estimated Completion:  November 15, 2016

    Project Description: Addition or remodel of 5 buildings, new pedestrian walking surfaces, new handrails, new facades, new trellis’, new gathering spaces and plaza areas, new signage, upgraded landscape and a new display for the whale skeleton.

  • 7 Victoria7 Victoria8 Tile-After8 Tile-Before9 Escalator-After9 Escalator-Before10 Second Floor-After10 Second Floor-Before11 Elevator-After11 Elevator-Before12 Public Area-After12 Public Area-Before13 Stairs-After I13 Stairs-After II13 Stairs-Before I13 Stairs-Before II14 Floor Tile-After14 Floor Tile-Before15 Food Court-After15 Food Court-Before16 Food Court II-After16 Food Court II-Before17 Food Court III-After17 Food Court III-Before1 Parking Lot Signage-After1 Parking Lot Signage-Before2 Signage-After2 Signage-Before3 Parking Lot Lights-After3 Parking Lot Lights-Before4 Coronado Signage-After4 Coronado Signage-Before5 Signage-After5 Signage-Before6 Sears-After6 Sears-Before

    Coronado Center Refresh Project

    Location:  Northridge, CA

    Owner:  General Growth Properties

    Architect:  KTGY Group

    Total Gross Leasable Area:  1,100,000 SF

    Completed:  January 2015

    Project Description: Renovations included new tile, paint, ceiling modifications, and lighting upgrades throughout the mall concourses. The signage program was also re-designed including directionals and blade signs. Amenities were also replaced with a new package.

    The food court received a brand new look including new bulkhead treatment, column and neutral pier finishes and ceiling modifications. All 7 entrances also received a brand new look along with new exterior wayfinding signage for the center.

  • Picture1After-Court YardAfter-Center CourtAfter-Court YardAfter-Secondary Court 1After-Secondary Court 2After-Secondary CourtBefore-Center CourtBefore-Court YardBefore-Event CourtBefore-Secondary Court 1Before-Secondary Court 2Before-Secondary CourtEvent Court AfterEvent Court-AfterEvent Court-BeforeSecondary Court 2-AfterSecondary Court 2-Before

    Willowbrook Mall Mini Refresh

    Location:  Houston, TX

    Owner:  General Growth Properties

    Architect:  KTGY Group/Mike Treadway Architects

    Approx. SF:  1,385,000 Leasable Area

    Completed:  September 2013

    Project Description: Demolition of existing planters and fountains at common area courts and installed new utility infrastructure for future wet kiosks.  Includes demolition and replacement of new floor tile at mall common area at major tenant courts.

  • WIL B2 Daily Pictures 10-20-14 (2)WIL B2 Daily Pictures 10-20-14 (4)WIL B2 Daily Pictures 10-20-14 (12)WIL B2 Daily Pictures 10-20-14 (21)

    Willowbrook Mall South Entry Remodel

    Location:  Houston, TX

    Owner:  General Growth Properties

    Architect:  Mike Treadway Architects, Inc.

    Approx. SF:  1,385,000 leasable area

    Estimated Completion: November 15, 2014

    Project Description: Demolition of existing entry canopies and walkway concrete with new brick pavers, paint on walls and metal canopies over doors.  Includes new site lighting, decorative bollards and furniture at two entries.

  • BEL HM Daily Pictures 2-19-14 (4)BEL HM Daily Pictures 2-17-14 (1)photo 3BEL HM Daily Pcitures 2-28-14 (1)BEL HM Daily Pcitures 2-28-14 (3)Doc - Feb 28, 2014, 9-48 PM - p5Doc - Feb 28, 2014, 9-48 PM - p6BEL HM Daily Pictures 2-18-14 (1)

    Bellis Fair – H&M

    Location: Bellingham, WA

    Owner: Bellis Fair Mall LLC

    Architect: 2812 Architecture

    Projected Date of Completion: September 2014

    Scope of work: 18,764 sq ft of interior demo and take to vannila shell, 15,000 sq ft of Exterior Demo and Pour, 1,200 sq yd AC Paving


    Gateway to East Hills

    Location: Bakersfield, CA

    Owner: Mt Vernon Bernard, L.P.

    Architect: KSA Group Architects

    Projected Date of Completion: August 2014

    Scope of work: Existing wood framed strip mall will be renovated to contain 10 future tenant spaces. Complete interior build out to include, new ceiling, restrooms and full repaint of exterior building.


    Channel Islands Center

    Location: Oxnard, CA

    Owner: Statham Oxnard L.P. A California Limited Partnership

    Architect: Perkowitz+Ruth Architects

    Projected Date of Completion: September 2014

    Scope of work: This project is a small strip center remodel of the exterior finishes and site upgrades. Major work includes demolition of center roof structure, new tower construction, refinish exterior and standing seam roofing repaint, concrete site work and ADA improvements and plaster.

  • IMG_8871IMG_4710IMG_8414IMG_0650IMG_2645IMG_5484IMG_6503IMG_0693

    Main Street Plaza

    Location: Hesperia, CA

    Owner: Hesperia Development Company. A California Limited Partnership

    Architect: Calabrese Architect

    Projected Date of Completion: September 2014

    Scope of work: Existing shopping center remodel to include new storefront facade, roofing, metal awnings, plaster, storefront repair, painting, concrete patio and ornamental fencing.

  • Galleria at Tyler - Entry - BeforeGalleria at Tyler - Entry - AfterGalleria at Tyler - Patio - BeforeGalleria at Tyler - Patio - AfterGalleria at Tyler - Hallway - BeforeGalleria at Tyler - Hallway - AfterGalleria at Tyler - Center - BeforeGalleria at Tyler - Center - AfterGalleria at Tyler - Lights - BeforeGalleria at Tyler - Lights - After

    Galleria at Tyler Refresh

    Location: Riverside, CA

    Owner:   General Growth Properties

    Architect: KTGY Group

    Leasable Area: 1,194,000 SF

    Completed:  October 2013

    Scope of work: Complete remodel of first and second floor restrooms.  New interior paint at all common areas and entries and new second floor carpet throughout.  New patio tile, new interior signage and common area upgrades.

  • Northridge-Store-front-0021.jpgNorthridge-Store-front-0031.jpgNorthridge Store front 004Northridge - BeforeNorthridge - AfterNorthridge - Length - BeforeNorthridge - Length - AfterNorthridge - Food Court - BeforeNorthridge - Food Court - AfterNorthridge - Play Area - BeforeNorthridge - Play Area - AfterNorthridge - Center - BeforeNorthridge - Center - AfterNorthridge - Fountain - BeforeNorthridge - Fountain - After

    Northridge Fashion Center

    Location:                 Northridge, CA

    Owner:                    General Growth Properties

    Architect:                     KTGY Group

    Approx. SF:                 500,000 SF

    Completed:                November 2012

    Project Description: Complete interior refresh of existing common areas of 2 story mall.  The refresh included new lighting, repaint, new tile throughout, and signage.

    Key areas of renovations included new storefront at the main entrance, 2 sets of bathroom renovations, food court makeover, new fountain feature and the installation of a Daktronic Sign.

  • Bellis Fair 005BEL F Daily Pictures 2-06-14 (6)Bellis Fair - SeatingBEL F Daily Pictures 11-21-13 011BEL F Daily Pictures 11-21-13 012Bellis Fair - Before - Food CourtBellis Fair - After - Food Court

    Bellis Fair Mall


    Location: Bellingham, WA

    Type: Single-Level Enclosed Regional Mall

    Anchors: Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenny, Sports Authority, Target

    Total Gross Leasable Area: 773,000 SF

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Renovations included new tile, paint, ceiling treatments, signage and amenities throughout the mall concourses. The Food Court received new finishes along with new column and bulkhead treatments to introduce a fresh modern look. Two entrance renovations including the main entrance which was embellished to utilize materials such as wood glulam beams, wood slats and stone to depict a “lodge-type” feel to reflect the natural surroundings of the site. The food court included a new fireplace feature including fire boxes, media displays, a green wall and perimeter seating to further the lodge design concept.


  • NEW G Daily Pictures 9-16-13 001NEW G Daily Pictures 9-16-13 014NEW G Daily Pictures 9-16-13 016NEW G Daily Pictures 9-16-13 017

    Newgate Mall Refresh

    Location: Ogden, UT

    Architect: KTGY Group

    Approx. SF: 74,000 SF

    Completed: September 2013

    Description: Complete interior refresh of existing common areas of mall including new lighting, repaint and new common area columns and seating areas.  Includes addition of new restrooms and remodel of existing restrooms and a makeover of existing food court seating areas.


  • Food Court 2montclariMontclair Bridges 8-25-2009 011

    Montclair Plaza

    Location: Montclair, California

    Client: General Growth Properties

    Architect: Mulvanny G2 Architecture

    Square Footage:  1,400,000 SF

    Completion Date:  2009

    This 1,400,000 Sq.Ft. retail renovation consisted of structurally renovating the drywall lids and bulkheads throughout the mall.  The existing handrails were replaced with new glass stainless steel railings.  The elevator shaft was retrofit with a new storefront system.  The food court area was renovated with new millwork elements and new radius tile floors.  The columns throughout the mall were refaced with glass tile and granite stone imported from Italy.  New structural steel was erected at 45” above to support new decorative soffit and to support new cantilevered balconies.  The existing bathrooms were renovated with granite tops and new ceramic tile with the addition of new bathrooms on the ground level.   All work was performed at night so complete occupancy could remain during construction.

  • Hulen Mall Photos 006Hulen Mall Photos 007Hulen Mall Photos 148Hulen Mall Photos 029Hulen Mall Photos 141Hulen Mall 10-21-14 008Hulen Mall 10-21-14 009Hulen Mall 10-21-14 010Hulen Mall 10-21-14 013Hulen Mall 10-21-14 014

    Hulen Mall Common Area Refresh

    Location: Fort Worth, TX

    Owner:  General Growth Properties

    Architect: KTGY Group

    Approx. Square Footage: 942,000 Leasable area

    Completed: September 2011

    Project Description: Complete interior refresh of the common areas of the mall including all new flooring, new paint, new lighting and common area furniture.  Included complete renovation of Food Court restrooms and all new furniture at Food Court.  New decorative light fixtures, tree wells and entrance enhancements.  All work completed at night for mall to remain open during construction.  Project completed on schedule and under budget.