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Institutional Projects

  • Saint John Elementary Addition

    Location: Draper, UT

    Owner: Skaggs Catholic Center

    Architect: MJSA

    Approx. Square Footage: TBA

    Project Description: Beginning Summer 2015, Culp Construction will break ground on Saint John the Baptist Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah. The School is part of a campus called the Skaggs Catholic Center. The addition will add 9 classrooms and a state of the art gymnasium to the elementary school.

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    Hunter High School HVAC Upgrade

    Location: Taylorsville, UT

    Owner:  Granite School District

    Architect: FFKR

    Approx. Square Footage: N/A

    Completed: 2011

    Culp built the original High School back in the 1980’s, and was back to complete a major air conditioning upgrade. This upgrade included building two new block and structural steel mechanical rooms to house chillers, pumps, and cooling towers, as well as run two sets of four and six inch chilled water lines from one end of the school to the other. Safety was the number one priority on this project as a good portion of the work was done while school was in session.

  • Challenger School, Lehi

    Location: Lehi, Utah

    Owner:  PMI Construction

    Architect:  ASWN Architects

    Approx. Square Footage:  40,000 S./F.

    Completed:  August 2008

    The Challenger school in Lehi is a 40,000 S.F. new slab on grade building, built into a hillside so that the classrooms and offices can be accessed from both sides. The wood framed structure included aluminum storefront windows that were clad with brick, stucco, and stone veneers. The elevator was installed for a completely accessible building. The large site was carved out of the hillside and is framed by large stone strong retaining walls on three sides. There is a one way road around the property that enables parents to drop of their children on the upper side or lower side of the building in a safe and efficient manner. The school incorporates two fenced in playgrounds with the latest soffal and rubber nugget materials available to insure child safety.

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    UCI Humanities, Fine Arts

    Location: Irvine, CA

    Owner:  University of California, Irvine


    Approx. Square Footage: 24,000 sf

    Completed: 2000

    This was a new three story fine arts building on the college campus that included a state of the art music rehearsal and practice facility, and support offices for faculty and students.

  • St. Andrew School

    Location: Riverton, Utah

    Client: Catholic Diocese of  Utah

    Architect:  EDA Architects

    Square Footage:  34,584

    Completed:  2008

    St. Andrew Catholic Parish & Elementary School is a private elementary school located in the heart of Riverton. Its child friendly atmosphere is reflected in the welcoming colors found throughout the building. The design team has given great thought to the elementary school philosophy of learning, teaching and fun. A special gymnasium is incorporated into the project for children’s sports and Catholic services. Attention to detail is found in every classroom. From the large windows to the skylights, the building is flooded with light and reflects a cheerful environment for children and staff alike.

  • Guardian Angel Daycare

    Location: Draper, UT

    Owner:  Skaggs Catholic Center

    Architect: MJSA Architects

    Approx. Square Footage: 10,500 sf

    Completed: 2010

    This addition to the Skaggs Catholic Center provided a new home for the day care center. The addition included six new classrooms each with their own restrooms, offices, a reception lobby, and a fenced in play ground area. The honed block walls and other finishes were carried forward from the High School interiors and provided a seamless transition to the new facility.

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    Challenger School, Farmington

    Location: Farmington, UT

    Owner:  Challenger School

    Architect: ASWN+ Architects

    Approx. Square Footage: 13,500 sf

    Completed: 2008



  • St. Vincent DePaul Preschool, San Diego


    Location: San Diego, CA

    Owner: St. Vincent de Paul Church

    Architect: Renzo Zecchetto Architects

    Approx. Square Footage: 

    Completed: 2010

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    Concordia Preparatory School

    Location: Riverton, UT

    Owner:  Concordia Preparatory School

    Architect: Archiplex Group

    Approx. Square Footage: 60,000 sf

    Completed: 2012

    This renovation took a recently constructed home garden center and converted it inot a functioning private Lutheran High School and a Lutheran Church. The project added offices, rest rooms, locker rooms, a new wood floored practice court for basket ball,  and modified class rooms.