Culp Construction Company was founded in 1949 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In 1984, Hamer Culp retired and his son, Charles, assumed the leadership role and continues to manage the company today. With the prospect of building opportunities on the west coast, Culp Construction opened an Irvine, Ca. office in 1986. For the last two decades, each of the offices has managed projects independently for their respective geographic obligations.

Over the years, Culp Construction Company has successfully completed a myriad of different projects for a greatly diversified clientele base.  The projects we undertake and the work we complete are of the highest caliber.  We pride ourselves on the high level of quality that we achieve time and again.

On the average, Culp Construction Company manages 10 to 12 projects concurrently. Since projects vary in size and complexity, the work force adjusts according to demand.   Typically, we employ up to 75 field employees and 12 office staff.  Each of our superintendents has a longstanding history of excellence and average 20 or more years of supervisory construction expertise.  Similarly, we have assembled an able and dependable network of subcontractors and vendors whom we engage on a regular basis to bid and complete work on projects.  We will select the most qualified and competitive bids for our estimates so that clients receive the most cost effective, professional services possible.

The breadth, depth, and variety of projects composing the Culp Construction Company resume of work define the company’s mastery of specialized construction, including historical restoration and renovation, remodeling, and expansion (additions).

Our diverse building experience coupled with attention to detail, the constant pursuit of perfection, keen management practices of subcontractors, effective and communicative client relationships, and predictable performance regarding budget and scheduling combine to make Culp Construction an industry leader. Excellence in everything we do, that is our goal.