At Culp, we believe that you are only is good as your last project.  With that in mind, a high level of quality is our goal on every project.  Maintaining this is a team effort, requiring a significant commitment from all parties that are involved with the project.

Culp is very proud of its reputation and the noteworthy high quality projects that have been completed for our clients.  Maintaining our goal for the level of finish and quality required is a team effort, demanding a significant and consistent effort from all parties that are involved with each project.  Our expectations and requirements for quality will not be compromised, and this management style is stressed in regular jobsite meetings and directives from the commencement through job close out and occupancy.

Culp utilizes several layers of quality control in-house personnel.  It all begins with the superintendent having a solid understanding of the project, how it is to be built, and what subcontractors are responsible for each and every phase.  Attention to detail and insisting on conforming to project specifications are vital to the role the Superintendent plays in our quality program and management philosophy.  The Project Manager is the next level and visits the job on a weekly basis and reviews with the superintendent all subcontractor activity and work being performed.  Culp has a Quality Control/Safety Director  who also visits the jobs on regular intervals to look at quality, schedule, safety, etc.

Additionally, outside resources that also provide another prospective to our work include city inspectors, special inspectors, engineers, architects, and owners.  Culp welcomes input from all individuals associated with our construction process and views their observations as another tool to insure a successful project.