We are committed to the safety of our employees, subcontractors, and the general public. We maintain a superior safety record within the construction industry.  Our supervisory staff is certified in scaffold erection, fall protection, PPE, rigging for and signaling cranes, OSHA 10-hour, First Aid and CPR, and welding safety.   We utilize the OSHA Consultation Program to help educate our field staff, as well as all of the subcontractors on every job.  Culp’s safety officer is responsible for maintaining compliance with OSHA standards on all jobsites.  He visits the projects on a weekly basis and reviews with the superintendent current or potential hazards that may be on site.  At all company meetings, safety is a main topic of discussion. We make it a requirement that all subcontractors attend weekly safety meetings and comply with all Utah OSHA requirements.  The Culp Construction Safety Program is comprised of the following:


Safety Program:

  • Company’s safety organization and safety training
  • Personal protection first aid training
  • Fire prevention
  • Safety record keeping
  • Drug testing
  • Job site inspection
  • Accident and hazard reporting


On-site and management interest in safety is always vocal, visible, and vigorous.  Culp Construction Company maintains a superior Experience Modification Rating of .86.


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